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Eat Smart is an educational programme which looks at food waste created on a primary school site, and helps the children to understand the importance of reducing food waste from a young age. The Eat Smart scheme gets pupils involved in reducing waste in their school by carrying out a food waste audit across the whole site, and involving them in designing solutions to tackle the problem. The program has the option of using a ‘hotbin’ to compost food waste over the audit periods, allowing us to explore and educate on circular food systems and encourage the school to use the compost for food growing.

The four-step programme is designed to fit into a half-term. Throughout the programme we integrate key curriculum skills from Maths, English, Science and Technology:

  1. Initial food waste audit over the whole school site, conducted by pupils

  2. Food awareness week, educating on where food comes from and the importance of reducing food waste

  3. Bespoke action plan to reduce food waste, written by the pupils and staff

  4. Second food waste audit to measure the effectiveness of the interventions and highlight any remaining opportunities for waste reduction


We piloted the project in two primary schools in the West End with fantastic results, reducing food waste by 38% in six weeks, thanks to the positive engagement of the pupils, teachers and kitchen staff.


We have recently been awarded funding to run Eat Smart in seven more Newcastle primary schools to take part in the programme in 2019. Please get in touch for more information.