Fab Foods

Fab Foods

Fab Foods

Fab foods is an educational program which looks at food waste created on a school site and helps children understand the importance of reducing food waste at a young age. The Fab Food scheme gets pupils involved in reducing waste in their school measuring how much is thrown away and involving them in designing solutions to tackle the problem.

The program involves;

  • A food waste audit across the whole schools site.

  • A bespoke action plan written by the staff, pupils

  • An awareness week to educate on the topic and raise awareness.

  • A final audit to measure the reduction of food waste.

The project is being funded by Sainsbury's and is ran in collaboration with Greening Wingrove. 

Sacred Hearts was our first Primary School to launch the project in January 2018, they saw an overall reduction of 25% across the school site within 3 weeks. 

Wingrove primary will be the second school we audit in May 2018.

To find out anything more or to get your school involved, please pop us an email