About Us

Bind  uses positive, creative approaches to reduce food waste and drive behaviour change. We use collaboratory and participatory methods to engage the local community and change business practices.

Bind CIC is Newcastle’s food waste innovation hub, focussing on preventing food waste at its source. Whilst food waste redistribution channels continue to improve in Newcastle and beyond, there remains a distinct lack of work in source prevention, despite this being the top priority in the food waste hierarchy. 

Bind acts both as a strategist, bringing together governing bodies and food handlers across the city to reduce food waste; and as a facilitator, supporting several projects working to educate and raise awareness on the issue.

Who We Are

Duncan’s background lies in Food & Nutrition, where he gained experience in food waste working for FareShare and later founding The Magic Hat Café - Newcastle's surplus food café. Jess comes from an engineering background and has a Masters in Social Innovation Design.

What We do

Bind is leading the Sustainability and Waste theme of Newcastle City Council’s Good Food Action Plan, facilitating a cross-sector working group on food waste. We pride ourselves on our strategic work, connecting knowledge and experience from across the city to build best practice that benefits all. We also consult with food handlers to help them reduce their food waste, and use the data we gather to understand how we can tackle the city's food waste problem holistically.  We bring unique expertise, enthusiasm and fresh initiatives to the waste debate – looking at the environmental, financial and social agendas connected to preventing food waste

Bind also supports several projects which use surplus food in creative ways to engage the general public in the issue. To find out more about our projects - see our home page.

Our long-term aim is to end avoidable food waste, and consequently for our projects to no longer need to exist!